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Uniquely Provo

Provo has been the epicenter of innovation and creativity since its inception! Many of you are aware of people, products, or musicians with local origins—making them uniquely Provo. In this month’s Provo Advantage, we showcase our ‘Unique Provo’ with a list much bigger than you can imagine.

From Vanderhall Motor Works to KLOS Guitar's handmade carbon fiber guitars, and the exceptional services of Duncan Aviation, immerse yourself in the spirit of innovation that defines our city. Dive into the stories of these unique products and the incredible people behind them, all originating from Provo.

Most Utahns can think of a few examples of Provo’s innovation and creativity. Maybe its authors such as Stephenie Meyer or Stephen Covey; or perhaps its world-renowned musicians such as Osmonds or Imagine Dragons. Check out our Uniquely Provo graphic to confirm your knowledge—and likely find a surprise or two!

The spirit of creativity in Provo was established on a rich seedbed of innovation resulting in a wide range of unique people, services, ideas, and products. Many of those products and people have achieved international success. We will introduce you to several of these companies and their products. And on a more personal level, we want to introduce you to Lyon Hyldahl, an Instagram sensation with his young slope style mountain biking. Provo uniqueness extends to all generations!

It might be hard to grasp the true local and international impact of hometown Provo products. Provo’s handiwork can be seen throughout the world with literally thousands and hundreds of thousands of world-renowned products, such as guitars, speakers, and cars made locally, but sold internationally – THAT is a true Provo Advantage. Check out our By the Numbers graphic to see what we mean.

Still not convinced of the global influence Provo products are having!? Here is a reel to drive the point home.

Dig deep into the impact of our unique and world-renowned products with the attached white paper.

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