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Provo Truly Is Startup Central!

Provo is consistently recognized as one of the best places to live and work. As we begin 2024, the Provo Advantage will interview some of the key stakeholders and pioneers whose vision and commitment to our community helped develop the fertile soil that makes so much of this possible.

Provo is Startup Central

Provo City's Economic Development Director Keith Morey shares the secret behind our city's success: a legacy of innovation, a culture of community, and an unbeatable track record of accolades. From being named the best performing city to the safest and most charitable community, Provo stands out as the best place to start a business. Watch our intro video to see what we plan to look at this month.



Brandon Fugal Interview

One of the significant results of growing companies from basements, to startup environments, to large office environments, is the growing demand for premier office space. We interviewed Brandon Fugal, Chairman at Colliers International to get a sense of how Provo as Startup Central impacts that growing demand for office space.


Ryan Smith is one of the most widely recognized tech entrepreneurs and is the executive chairman and co-founder of Qualtrics. Ryan is determined to make Provo a technology incubator for startups from around the world with his River District startup campus.


Startup Central White Paper

Provo has always been and continues to be the innovation hub for Utah. Read our Provo Advantage White Paper for an in depth look at what makes our environment, culture, and infrastructure the key to the Provo Advantage.


We would love the opportunity to connect with you this year at our annual Provo Advantage Golf Pro Am. Check out our flyer so you can save the date!

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Feb 15

Provo will lose it's quality if we continue to feed and house illegals & transients. Watch and see.

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