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Provo City has joined with Orem, Vineyard and other Utah County cities to celebrate Kindness Week. We will also be coordinating with Provo Kindness for another Kindness Week in February.

After a year largely filled with unrest and division, the announcement of Provo Kindness in September felt like a breath of fresh air. They’ve established a worthy goal of helping us create a culture of kindness that helps us all connect better as neighbors, friends and even strangers.

So let's start Kindness Week off right by following ProvoKindness.org online for your daily dose of kindness. You can also follow them on Instagram and Facebook by searching "Provo Kindness."

I hope that residents take a moment to celebrate either in quiet acts of service, giving a kind word, having greater patience, or simply trying to understand one another rather than judge. This should go on throughout Kindness Week and beyond.

If nothing else, we can fill our social media feeds with uplifting stories, quotes and examples of kindness.

  • Michelle

Join our hardworking dispatch team dedicated to protecting lives! Provo's Dispatch Center is a great place to work, and we are currently hiring. If you are looking for a career that positively impacts your community or a job that can make a difference in someone else's life, consider joining our dedicated team of professionals and becoming a Public Safety Telecommunicator. Please take a look at the job description here and read the following message from our Communications Manager, Dennis Harris:

The Homeland Security Act of 2002 defines the term “first responder” as “individuals who, in the early stages of an incident, are responsible for the protection and preservation of life, property, evidence, and the environment.”

Who better, by this very definition, can be considered a first responder than the dispatcher who is the start of everything, from picking up the phone to creating the record in the computer-aided dispatch (CAD) systems with the very first keystroke to sending out the first wave of help-all while providing life-saving instructions.

Dispatchers are the nucleus of any emergency event.

We are operational 24/7 every day. We are expected to answer your 911 call immediately and competently, provide police, fire, or medical pre-arrival instructions, and send help.

We deal with intense, life-and-death situations that go far beyond just taking a phone call.

We are not only the lifeline to the public, but to Fire Fighters and the Police in coordinating resources, making notifications, running checks, and getting the Fire Fighter and Officer the help they need when it counts the most.

Dispatchers are a special breed who possesses integrity, good judgment, a high degree of emotional self-control, empathy, intelligence, a diplomat, good communication skills and confidence, and above all, compassion.

Dispatchers are truly the unsung heroes that are there for all of us in our darkest hour.

Provo City

Communications Manager

Dennis Harris

I'd like to congratulate Provo Eagle Scout, Neal Smalley for earning ALL 137 merit badges! With the Eagle Scout being the ultimate pinnacle of success for Boy Scouts, Smalley could have taken that Eagle and just sailed through the rest of Scouting. Instead, he soared.

According to his mother, Pam Smalley, Neal had more to learn. When family and friends asked what he would do next, he announced that he was going to aim high and earn all 137 merit badges in the Scouting program. The now-17-year-old Smalley just recently accomplished his goal and joined a small, elite group of young men to earn every merit badge available in Scouting.

“I have been in Scouts since I was 11,” Smalley said. “I locked down and aimed for this goal after I got my Eagle at 13. Earning all 137 merit badges was the result of four years of focused merit badge work.”

His Scoutmaster, Scott Anderson of Troop 707 located in Orem and Provo, was one of several people who helped Neal on his journey. In all his years in Scouting, Anderson has known only one other young man who completed all 137 merit badges.

“It is extraordinary he was able to do that,” Anderson says. “You definitely have to be committed to accomplish it. Neal is very focused and committed. He had some struggles with a couple of merit badges and had to work hard to get them.”

Smalley’s scouting sash is filled up front and back with all the merit badges he has earned, including a few on the inside because there isn’t enough room to put them all on one sash.

“I think if you enjoy scouting and have all the people who will help you follow through with that goal, it is worth pursuing. There are a ton of memories I now enjoy that I would have missed out on if I hadn’t done it,” Smalley said.

Read the whole article from the Daily Herald: https://www.heraldextra.com/news/local/central/provo/provo-scout-soars-past-eagle-earns-all-137-merit-badges/article_14ca4a0d-b287-5110-9662-e7d6e2cbd525.amp.html

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