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If you haven’t heard, we are playing Provo City Takeout Bingo--with new winners announced each week. While we will release a new card every week, you can play from any or all cards, making the "What's for dinner?" question easy to answer with dozens of delicious local eating options.

I am impressed with the efforts being made by local restaurants to keep our citizens safe as they order food. Restaurants are making it both convenient and safe to eat local. Not only do most have takeout, curbside or delivery options, but they are also making the extra effort of sanitizing and cleaning regularly while creating systems to help ensure proper social distancing. I love to see them working so hard to keep our citizens safe!


Even Provo City employees are playing along. My office staff has been playing Provo Takeout Bingo and enjoying all of our local flavors. Now it's your turn!

Here is our card, we are only a few away from a Bingo! How close are you?


Here are a few fun facts about a few of our businesses this week!

  • Cupbop’s Provo location was their first store and kick-started their business which has grown to 13 locations and 5 food trucks!

  • Back in 1956, Brick Oven became one of Utah’s first pizza parlors. A contest determined its original name “Heaps A Pizza.” In fact, many people still refer to the restaurant as “Heaps Brick Oven.”

  • Sweet’s Hawaiian Grill started 26 years ago by “Auntie Sweet” and her husband and is being run by their children today. They are open for lunch and partner with the Food and Care Coalition to feed those in need every Christmas!

  • Good Thyme Eatery likes to focus on farm-to-table foods and supports Utah by buying their products from local farms and greenhouses!

  • Jamba Juice in Provo is locally owned and operated, and in fact, their owner has been working and helping out in the restaurant since he was 12 when his dad owned it! Their most popular item is the Caribbean Passion smoothie.

  • JDawgs was founded in 2004 by Jayson Edwards, who at the time was a BYU student. He had the idea for his restaurant when he passed a 12×12-foot hut on 700 East and had the thought, “That would be a great spot for a hot dog stand.”

I hope that through these difficult times we can still safely help, if we are able, to support the local businesses who are doing their best to support us.

So for our second week, I would like to introduce our newest Bingo Card!


Remember, the previous card is still valid, so you are free to work on any and every card you wish!

Here are the rules again for anyone who missed them last time:

  1. Get takeout/delivery/curbside from all the locations in any given row and take a pic of you enjoying the food!

  2. Once you have a Bingo (horizontal, vertical or diagonal), send all of your pictures in one email to, or send a direct message to Instagram (@provocity) or Provo City Government Facebook (@provocity) with all your pics. Be sure to attach your marked card as well!

  3. Every Bingo you submit will be entered in a drawing to receive a Provo dinner/dessert experience on us! ($50 value).

  4. You can enter as many Bingos as you want! (Have 5 on one card? Great! That is 5 entries for you!) A “blackout” (all spaces filled on one card) will count for 6 entries.

  5. We will draw one winner every week!

* By submitting your pics, you agree to let us post them on the blog and/or on social media.

A new card will be released every week on my blog and on our social media accounts. Here are the links for this week’s Bingo card:

  • Fat Daddy’s Pizza

  • Suzy Thai

  • Malawi’s Pizza

  • Vegan Sun

  • Bombay house

  • Communal

  • Good Thyme

  • Saigon Cafe

  • Bumblebee’s BBQ

  • Happy Sumo

  • El Salvador

  • Slab Pizza

  • Cultura

  • Brasas

  • Brick Oven

  • Jamba Juice Provo

  • Cupbop Provo

  • Don Joaquin

  • JDawgs

  • Shoots

  • Greek-N-Go

  • Sweet’s Hawaiian Grill

  • Sub-zero ice cream

** Local businesses: If you would like to be featured on a future Takeout Bingo, please send a message with your business name and link to!

Feel free to visit my previous blog post for last week's card here:

Thank you, Provo!

Thank you for all of the restaurants who have been so kind when you reached out to us. We appreciate you! I am proud to be the Mayor of such a great city. Thank you, Provo, and remember, #staysafeprovo, #stayakaufusiaway, and always #provoproud.


Mayor Michelle Kaufusi

  • Michelle

  1. Conversations with Kaufusi — Covid-19 Video Series. Will services continue as normal with COVID-19? That’s the most asked question we receive. To best answer, I met with each department in a special Q&A video segment to outline service changes and offer timely updates. All videos are available at

  2. Utah County Mayors’ Meeting. In the first of what will now be called “Best Practices Huddle,” I remotely hosted all Utah County mayors to coordinate Covid-19 efforts.

  3. 311 Customer Service Counter. All customer service counters remain open but with social distancing precautions in-place including six-foot spacing, personal protection equipment, regular disinfection, and online service options for those wishing to stay home.

  4. COVID-19 Informational Website. Visit to find the latest update of our Four Step Community Safety Plan, statewide real-time statistics map, resources and downloadable graphics.

  5. Playground Signs. Signs have been posted at all of our playgrounds with the following message, “Attention. Due to COVID-19. The Governor of the State of Utah has said that children should not play on public playgrounds. Follow social distancing guidelines. Stay Home, Stay Safe.”

  6. First Online City Council Meeting. After hours of practice, we held our first online city council meeting. Our successful efforts have been noticed across the nation prompting cities to contact us for best practice guidance.

  7. Stay a Kaufusi Away Video. To encourage social distancing, I enlisted my two NFL football sons, 6’6” and 6’10” to illustrate exactly how far apart six feet is.

  8. Crush the Curve Mobile Testing. In partnership with Silicon Slopes and the State of Utah, Provo City helped facilitate a site at the Provo Towne Center to provide more convenient and widespread testing to reduce the spread of COVID-19. More information at

  • Michelle

Welcome to the most unusual State of the City address ever! Press play to join me outside of my home as I share the state of our city. I would also like to share examples of community spirit, messages of thanks and support, and ways Provo is prepared to take action.

And be sure to watch to the end — for a tour of our city highlighting the great things that are happening!