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Provo is a Hub for Startups

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

Provo has always been and continues to be a technology innovation hub for Utah. Technology pioneers such as WordPerfect and Novell spawned many innovative iterations, ultimately creating Provo’s rich technology setting of today. In this fertile soil a multitude of startup companies thrive. Provo has earned its reputation as a dynamic breeding ground for startup companies.

Join Keith Morey, Provo's Economic Development Director, as we explore the vibrant startup culture and creative spirit that make Provo a hub of new ideas and groundbreaking enterprises. From the grand opening of Kiln headquarters to the influential role of universities and tech developers, discover why Provo is not just a city, but a birthplace of the future.

As Provo’s early technology companies faded into history, their impact remained. The intellectual capital stayed local and blossomed into numerous new startup companies. See what startup visionary Arian Lewis has to say –

With the environment to encourage innovation, the culture to nurture that innovation, and the infrastructure to bring those ideas to market, Provo truly is the hub for startup companies.

The startup genealogy for Provo goes as far back as Provo’s date of incorporation. The Startup Building was built in 1898 as home to one of our first startups, Startup Candy Co. In this historic building, anchored in the fertile soil of innovation, dozens and dozens of new companies have found their home. See our interview with owners Tom and Anders Taylor.

Ryan Smith is one of the most widely recognized tech entrepreneurs and he is determined to make Provo a technology incubator for startups from around the world.

Arian Lewis is the visionary behind the Kiln coworking communities. As a Provo native, Arian provides insight into why Provo continues to generate new companies year after year. Watch our interview with him to learn why.

Discover the Heart of Innovation in Provo: The Startup Building! Once a candy factory, now a vibrant hub for local entrepreneurs and artists. This iconic space, with its rich history and community spirit, is driving Provo's entrepreneurial journey forward. Dive into The Daily Universe story of its transformation and see how it's shaping our city's future.

Finally, the deep dive on why Provo continues to be the seedbed for technology and software development in Utah, read our now famous Provo Advantage White Paper.

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