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Provo's Economic Milestones and Future Outlook

I recently asked Provo’s Economic Director, Keith Morey, to share what exciting things are happening on our city’s economic and commercial front. He quickly responded, “What direction would you like me to discuss? North, south, east, or west—everywhere you turn, something remarkable is happening in Provo!” One of Provo’s Four Pillars, Economically Vibrant, is a vision that impacts every Provo resident. We are investing in business retention, attraction, location, and development here in our community. 

Provo has grown and changed much over the last few decades. While it’s sometimes hard to see the city that we love advance and develop, Provo’s economic growth has a significant effect on the quality of life for our residents: less travel for work, employment opportunities that appeal to rising generations, and increased earning potential. These measures are also hallmarks of a healthy economy. In fact, when Provo was chosen by the Milken Institute as the top-performing city in the nation (three years in a row!), these and other economic measures played a significant role in securing that award. 

We ranked FIRST in five-year growth for jobs and FIRST for five-year growth for wages. While those markers contributed to a #1 spot for Best Performing City, there are other top spots where Provo is continuing to show up. We recently ranked as the top city for most satisfied workers, the top city for the job market, and as something that speaks so much to who we are, Provo just ranked as the #1 most charitable city.

I have the regular opportunity to meet with leaders and executives at Provo’s beautiful City Hall. The view from our offices allows me to guide their sights across the city as we take in Provo’s tapestry. What makes Provo appealing to businesses is the same thing that makes it appealing to residents: thriving businesses, world-class educational opportunities, an incredible hospital that offers high-quality care, leisure and recreational opportunities in abundance, and those beloved neighborhoods that still maintain that raise-your-family-here essence.

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