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Familiar Faces, New Places

I am a true believer in coaching and mentoring, so I was delighted when two searches for city positions recently demonstrated the power of those paradigms. Our search for a new Chief Administrative Officer in Provo started at arm’s-length from me, with a nationwide search that involved interviewing top talent from around the country. It was a multi-step, rigorous process, with candidates vetted by panels outside of my purview. I couldn’t have been more pleased to see Scott Henderson, the former director of our award-winning Parks and Recreation Department, rise to the top of Provo’s CAO search.

When Scott was offered the position, he was given a letter of confidence signed by every department head in the city. “I will look at it every day,” says Scott of the letter which sits within view of his desk. For those who have followed Scott’s many achievements and who’ve been inspired by his constant drive for excellence, Scott’s consideration of this gift reflects his values. “Of all the things you collect in a career, respect may be the most important,” he says. I know that as CAO, Scott will do his utmost to earn the continued respect of his colleagues and the residents of Provo.

As Scott left his department, the exact same kind of search was carried out to fill his place. Again, from the casting of a nationwide net, the talent that rose to the top was one of Provo’s own, Doug Robins. Doug gives credit to Scott for a mindset he helped instill in Doug and other department members: every day is an interview. Doug recognizes that as nice as it may be to foster an award-winning department, there are challenges to living up to the awards. He celebrates being part of a department that brings the community together and that can positively impact current residents and future generations.

Doug is also quick to express his faith in Scott. “He’s been recognized regionally and nationally as a top leader in the field, and he is by far and away the best in the business.” Scott’s confidence in Doug and his new role comes from working side by side navigating sometimes very difficult situations. He knows that Doug’s approach is to work closely with others, to be engaged and involved in every important situation and strategy.

Although both candidates beat out applicants from around the country, they approach their new roles with understandable humility. Of his new role in Provo, Scott says, “managing success is harder than you’d think.” His vision to continue to find ways to improve, refuse to ignore imperfections, and set the highest standards for performance gives me confidence that in Provo, the best is yet to come. As I like to say, in Provo we swing for the fences.

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