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Provo Police Celebrates Sesquicentennial Anniversary! 🎉

Happy 150th Birthday Provo Police Department! Today marks their Sesquicentennial Anniversary! I'd like to recognize and honor all of our heroic officers, dispatchers, and hardworking employees in the Police Department. Thank you for your dedication and courage and for keeping our community safe every day.

To celebrate 150 years, I'd like to share a bit of history, a few interesting facts, and 150 pictures of Provo's Police Department.

Provo Police Department Beginnings

The Provo City Police Department was established on November 4, 1872. On November 9, 1872 on motion of Commissioner Pace the City Council proceeded to appointment of a Chief of Police. Several names were put in nomination. On motion of Commissioner Pace, Albert H Bowen was unanimously chosen as the first Provo City Chief of Police.

Sadly, October 20, 1873, just a few days from his 1-year anniversary date, Mayor Smoot stated that he had called this meeting “for the purpose of adopting resolutions of respect and condolence to the family of and on behalf of Albert H Bowen late Chief of Police of this city who has departed this life.”

Interesting Facts:

1877- City Ordinance states “Sec. 77, No officer or policeman of this city shall be allowed a regular salary, but where no fees are prescribed by ordinance for service required, the council may, from time to time, make such allowances for service rendered, as they may deem just.”

The response from today, especially from previous Officer Sam Hunter “can you believe we get paid to do this!” or “I would do this job for free!”

1877- City Ordinance states “Sec. 72, It shall be the duty of policemen to preserve the peace on all occasions; to preserve the lives and property of citizens; to see that all ordinances of the city, and laws of the Territory in regard to offenses, are faithfully executed, within the city; and generally, to execute all orders of the City Council, and perform the duties of peace officer within the city, under control of the Mayor and Marshal."

Today, “We work with citizens to improve quality of life, safeguard liberties and stop crime. We provide a proactive, professional police service with compassion.”

Lowest reported wage - $200 a month, $2,400 a year, in 1948.

Between 1930-1933 there were 7 members of the police department. In 1967 the number jumped to 47.

Today we have 120 sworn police positions and 67 non-sworn.

150 Pictures for 150 Years