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Welcome Gordon Haight: Provo's New Public Works Director

It is my great honor to introduce Gordon Haight as Provo's new Public Works Director. Public Works is the largest department in our city, encompassing a variety of crucial divisions including water, engineering, and public services, which covers streets, sanitation, and fleet. Additionally, the department is responsible for the Provo Airport, an essential asset to our community.

Gordon Haight is ideally suited for this role, bringing over 30 years of experience in municipal work covering engineering, public works, and administration. His deep understanding of our community's needs and his proven track record of leadership and innovation are precisely what Provo needs as we continue to grow and thrive.

During his tenure as city engineer and interim public works director, Gordon played an instrumental role in several significant community projects. These include the overhead pedestrian bridge at Provo Central Station, the expansion of Provo Airport, and the enhancement of our trails and bike paths. Moreover, we are eagerly anticipating the opening of our 100-acre regional park this fall—a project that promises to enhance the quality of life for our residents.

Looking ahead, Gordon will lead transformative projects critical to our city's infrastructure, such as the upgrades to our wastewater and water treatment plants. These initiatives are not just about upgrading our facilities—they're about preparing Provo for a sustainable future, ensuring we can meet the demands of our growing population while maintaining the quality of life that makes our city so special.

Gordon’s journey to this pivotal role started in California, where he was raised before making Utah his home at the age of 21. He is a proud alumnus of BYU, where he earned a Bachelor's in Civil Engineering and a Master's in Engineering Management. Outside of his professional life, Gordon enjoys spending time with his family, particularly camping and hiking with his grandchildren—a testament to his deep appreciation for the natural beauty that surrounds us.

In Gordon Haight, we have a leader who not only meets but exceeds our city’s criteria for dynamic leadership, innovation, and engaging communication. We are confident that his vision and dedication will propel Provo to new heights. Please join me in welcoming Gordon as he takes on this crucial role, steering our public works toward a brighter and more innovative future.

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