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Provo City is Flying High!

It’s obvious why the Provo Airport has been chosen for this month’s Provo Advantage. The new terminal will create jobs, expand the economy, and continue to enhance Provo as the transportation hub of Utah County and beyond!

Airport Ribbon Cutting

A $55 million-dollar generational project does not happen without a little help from your friends. We were honored to be joined by representatives from the city, county, state, and federal agencies as we celebrated with a ribbon cutting.

If you’ve done much flying, the name of David Neeleman will sound familiar. As the founder of four airlines and the current CEO of Breeze Airways, Neeleman put his stamp of approval on Provo’s new airport terminal by also announcing a four-plane base of operations with five new destinations.

The economic ripple continues to build with each new daily destination bringing an impressive $15 million into the local, regional and state economy. See a snapshot of the economic impact with our Provo Airport by the Numbers

Evolution of the Provo Airport

Did you know the Provo Airport had its beginnings in a beet field in 1940? Watch the evolution of the Provo Airport from Provo’s First Family of Flight to now becoming a growing regional airport.

Provo Airport Virtual Tour

Now that you know the history let’s take you on virtual tour of this new state-of-the art terminal poised to transform travel in Utah County and beyond. For the full 360 experience, use you mouse to view each space in its entirety.

New Terminal to Generate Millions Economically

Still want to know more, take a deep dive into this month’s white paper on the Economic Impact generated by the new Provo Airport terminal

Provo Airport In the News

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