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Provo City Is Emergency Ready!

Our brand new 205,000-SF, six-story public safety building stands as a testament to our commitment to your safety and well-being. Provo City is emergency ready with our state-of-the-art, award-winning 205,000-SF Public Safety Building! For the first time, we've brought together our police, fire, dispatch, and emergency operations teams under one roof. This co-location not only fosters collaboration and efficiency but also drastically enhances our community's safety. Simply put, Provo City is now emergency ready!

Our public safety building isn't just about size and capacity – it's about excellence. We've been recognized with awards, showcasing our dedication to setting new benchmarks for emergency response. Central to this is our state-of-the-art emergency operations center (EOC), the first of its kind dedicated space for Provo City and the newest in Utah County. It promises to be the nerve center during prominent events like the Freedom Festival and collegiate football games, doubling as a hub for continuous training.

The features of the EOC reflect the future of public safety. Imagine a large display wall that can be segmented into nine different displays, two separate TVs to stay updated with local news, the ability to monitor traffic, and desks armed with the latest tech. More than these, it prioritizes secure and consistent communication – a crucial aspect during emergencies. The cherry on top? It's securely positioned on the public safety side of our city hall. This ensures that in emergencies, our trained staff can swiftly document, record, and convey vital information, aiding incident response and resourcing.

But, the journey doesn't end here. At the end of this month, we'll be welcoming the Utah Regional Coordinating Council (URCC) to our EOC. Emergency Managers from across the state will congregate, discuss, and even tour our EOC, getting a firsthand look at the cutting-edge technology we've incorporated.

As your Mayor, I'm deeply proud of this achievement. But more than pride, it's a tangible manifestation of our promise to you - a safer, more secure, and always prepared Provo. Together, we're not just building infrastructure; we're weaving the fabric of a resilient community.

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