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Leash Up! Clean Up!

I am constantly in awe of the natural beauty that surrounds us and the community spirit that fills our city. Our 57 parks are not just recreational areas - they are spaces where memories are made, where families gather, and where nature greets us at every corner. It's our duty to ensure these spaces remain clean, safe, and inviting for everyone.

We Face a Challenge Together. Recently, our community has faced challenges with off-leash dogs and excessive dog waste in our beloved public spaces. These issues extend beyond our parks, affecting private properties, state grounds, school playgrounds, church grounds, and other recreational facilities. Such problems detract from our quality of life and can pose health risks, especially to our children.

Introducing 'Leash Up! Clean Up!' Campaign. To address these concerns, we're launching the 'Leash Up! Clean Up!' initiative. This summer, join us in enhancing the beauty and safety of our community. We're focusing on education, enforcement, and engagement to promote responsible pet ownership, which includes adhering to leash laws and managing pet waste effectively. Join our ‘One Provo: Leash Up! Clean Up!’ effort!

  1. Educational Campaigns and Community Engagement - We're dedicated to educating our community about the importance of keeping dogs leashed and cleaning up after them. It’s essential for maintaining the integrity of our public spaces and for respecting the rights and safety of all community members.

  2. Enhanced Enforcement - Our partnership with Provo Police and Animal Control will increase patrols in key areas to ensure that our community adheres to these important rules. Compliance is critical, and we will address any instances of non-compliance swiftly. Provo City Code 8.02.110—Animals Running at Large (when off-leash), 8.02.120—Sanitation (cleaning up dog poop).

  3. Designated Off-Leash Areas and Dog Parks - Provo’s existing code and policies allow owners to use parks and trails if the animal is leashed and the owner disposes of dog waste. This approach is successful when a community is united in honoring such rules.

    1. Dedicated dog park(s) – Bicentennial Park (1400 E 1440 S) is a designated off-leash dog park. Parks and Recreation is exploring additional locations throughout the city.

    2. Part-time off-leash dog areas – Not currently utilized in Provo. Scheduling off-leash hours at existing parks has been unsuccessfully attempted by a few communities due to continuing conflicts and opposition. Additionally, this option has not appeared to resolve ongoing issues of leash laws and dog waste.

    3. Pet Friendly Residential Developments – Several residential communities and HOA’s are creating off-leash dog facilities on private property to support their tenants with pets.

  4. Improved Waste Management- Provo Parks and Recreation will help combat the issue of excessive dog waste by installing additional waste disposal stations in strategic locations across our parks and trails. Regular maintenance of these facilities will also be prioritized. Provo School District has also experienced similar issues with off-leash dogs and dog waste on Provo School District grounds and play equipment. There are increasing reports of children returning home from school with dog feces on their clothing, with some suggested to have caused illnesses in several children. The Provo School District is similarly working to establish more fencing, clean-up efforts, and increase signage at school grounds to reduce unwanted off-leash dog conflicts and dog waste.

  5. Community Involvement - We're calling upon residents to take an active role in safeguarding our parks by reporting any incidents of off-leash dogs or unattended waste. Together, we can ensure the upkeep of our shared recreational spaces.

Our parks and recreational facilities are the jewels of our city. As we strive to address these challenges, I am confident that with your help, we can maintain the beauty and safety of our communal spaces. Let's work together as 'One Provo' to keep our city clean and welcoming for all residents and visitors.

Thank you for your cooperation and commitment to making Provo a better place for everyone. Together, we can make a difference!

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1 comentário

03 de mai.

There need to be more places within the city, and in the foothills of the mountains, for pets to chase balls, sticks or frisbees since walking alone is insufficient for many breeds. Responsible owners also need places which make it possible for doing the training that dogs need. I agree completely with the need to manage this issue, especially the poop pick-up issue. Also I know there are both adults and children who are afraid of dogs. But there are many responsible residents who have pets, and who also need a place to enjoy the outdoors without having to travel miles from our homes in order to unleash a dog long enough for a ball chase or a trainin…

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