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Please share your input on Provo City's Parade Float

Provo City and Miss Provo have been partners in promoting Provo for many years, with the City providing limited financial support for the Miss Provo Organization, and a parade float to promote the City with the expectation that Miss Provo participants would ride in the parade.

Since 2016, the City Council Office has been Provo City’s liaison to the Miss Provo Organization—a role that had previously been fulfilled by the Mayor’s Office. As a result, the Council Office budget includes funding for Miss Provo and the associated city float.

Council members have asked for public input as they consider this part of the budget. Please take this quick survey found on Open City Hall and share your thoughts. Results will be provided to Council members in advance of their discussion at the May 15 work session.

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1 Comment

Tepoerava Ka'aumoana
Tepoerava Ka'aumoana
May 11, 2018

You just posted this two days ago.... and now the "Open City Hall" survey is closed. Hmmmnnn.

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