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Play it Safe at the Park 🎆

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Provo is not banning fireworks, but that does not mean the city isn’t serious about how residents celebrate the Fourth of July and Pioneer Day this year.

In a year of extreme drought, Provo City is sharing a simple fireworks message:

"Just because you can doesn’t mean you should, but if you are then play it safe in the parks."

A fireworks ban would simply be unenforceable words, and with fireworks sold on every corner, it becomes a contradictory message. In a year when we can finally celebrate together, we’ve designated 14 parks knowing, when given options, our citizens will come together for the safety of the community.

Designated parks include Carterville, Sertoma, Lakeview, Rotary, Exchange, Fort Utah, Kiwanis, Maeser, Spring Creek, Riverview, Sunset, Franklin and Provost.

The idea is, if you have fireworks, bring them to the parks, join in with others and have a big sparkling celebration with your neighborhoods. Besides, it will keep neighborhood streets clean of firework debris.

As a city, we’ve provided all the tools we can possibly provide, but the person ultimately responsible for the safety of our community is the one lighting the fuse. Let’s all take that responsibility as seriously as if our community depended on it.

The philosophy behind Provo’s approach to fireworks is this: educate, provide methods and let residents use their knowledge to decide what they will do.

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1 Comment

Jared Curtis
Jared Curtis
Jun 25, 2021

Nice to see that a firework ban would be unenforceable. Too bad you didn't kibosh the mask mandate.

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