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New proposal for East Bay Golf Course & Medical School

Following the December 5th council meeting, I asked the various stakeholders to come together and work on getting something that all parties could agree on. I'm glad to see they have done just that.

Wasatch Educational, Provo Parks and Recreation, Provo City Administration and East Bay Golf course have refined the proposal to build a medical school at the golf course to ensure a better balance between the development and the existing uses of the site. This proposal will go before the Municipal Council - for their consideration has the potential to be a wonderful outcome for our city, for future potential medical students, and for golfers who love and play at East Bay.

Under the proposal, Wasatch Educational will locate its proposed medical education campus, on approximately 21 acres of the northwestern portion of the East Bay Golf Course and a privately owned 7.8 acre parcel of land currently under contract. The updated proposal also includes the following items listed here.

The public is invited to attend an open house from 6:00 - 8:00 pm on Thursday, January 4 at the Provo Recreation Center. Representatives will share the details of the new proposal and will answer community questions. A public meeting is also scheduled for Tuesday, January 9 during the Municipal Council meeting.

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