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Let’s get better connected!

During the holiday season, we see more clearly the importance of relationships. So what about Provo’s relationship and connection with you? Do you have access to the information you want and need? Do you feel connected with your city organization? We here at Provo City want to connect with you, our citizens, and are working overtime to enhance the ways we can do that.

In January, Provo residents will receive a special packet in the mail, highlighting ways you can access information about city affairs and connect with your neighbors, city staff, and elected officials. My vision is that Provo residents are the most connected in the nation to their city organization, as well as to each other. I will highlight some components of this effort in my state of the city address, my favorite of which is something we’re calling “Conversations with Kaufusi.”

So, watch your mail, Provo residents, and then come join me at my state of the city address (date and location will be in the packet) and let’s get better connected!

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