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Let's Celebrate Community Reading!

Do you like to travel to extraordinary places and meet interesting and unusual people? How about just taking a vacation from your everyday life? Consider then getting involved in ProvoReads, one of the community’s most engaging and rewarding programs!

ProvoReads is unique to the Provo City School District, designed by librarians and teachers working together to inspire people of every age to read simply for the pure joy of it. Librarians collaborate each year with the local PTA on the theme (so they’ll have the books ready for checkout and activities lined up to go along with them). They then choose an author, a book, a theme or genre to highlight.

This school year, fairytales and folklore has been the focus and in April, Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes take center stage. Everyone in the community is invited to jump in and read Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes and related materials throughout the month. Just visit for a list of books to choose from.

You can ride a magic carpet, work magic with tiny fairies, sail the seas with pirates or talk to animals who dance in the night. The mind can escape the mundane, and leave the doldrums behind. Reading opens doors and windows to places and people you can get to know without having to leave home or purchase an expensive ticket.

In a book, a reader can get lost without worrying about getting safely back home. He or she can explore a castle, a dungeon, a magic forest, triumph over evil, become a knight or a king or a princess. Imagination can simply take over, and literally give the heart wings.

!I hope you’ll join me in this initiative and encourage your friends and family to participate. Let’s share these stories with each other and celebrate community reading!

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