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Free Fare February!

I am excited to announce that fares on all UTA services will be free during the month of February! Let's celebrate the 20th anniversary of the 2002 Olympics and help improve our air quality during a month that is subject to severe winter inversions.

As a college town, Provo City has seen firsthand the benefits of a no fare transit program. Not only did the UVX Zero-Fare program increase ridership threefold, but it continues to help keep our city efficiently moving, while protecting air quality and eliminating a financial burden to those most in need.

No fare takes away a significant barrier to getting riders on transit—and from that, we help individuals use limited transportation funds for food or housing, as we see those prices steadily increase hitting the vulnerable first and hardest. But the benefit is twofold as our community benefits with improved air quality and reduced traffic congestion.

Transit that is “Fast, Frequent, and Free” was the right motivation to increase ridership in Provo. Using that same formula, Free Fare February will bring that same success statewide: increase ridership and removing cars from the road…during a month where the breathing of others may depend on it. Let’s clear the air together!

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