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Drinking Water and the Process

Due to the recent events happening with drinking water in the State, I asked our Public Works Department and the Water Resources Divisions to review our processes of water collection, delivery, and testing as well as community outreach and notification. I wanted to share with you their report.

PC: Dallin Green

I'm pleased to tell you that our compliance with all state and federal drinking water laws remains exemplary. We are committed to delivering the best quality drinking water while considering conservation, water source protection and community education. The sources of drinking water for Provo City include springs, wells and reservoirs.

Let me start with a little bit of background on naturally occurring minerals in Provo's water. As water travels through the underground aquifers, naturally occurring minerals can be dissolved into the water. Inorganic substances, such as fluoride, can be naturally occurring and are found in drinking water in many locations throughout the state and region. Low levels of naturally occurring fluoride are detectable in the drinking water in Provo City. The highest level of fluoride detected in Provo’s drinking water is 0.3 parts per million (ppm). The maximum contaminant level set by the EPA for fluoride is 4.0 ppm. The detected level of this naturally occurring fluoride is well below the maximum contaminant level. It should also be noted that Provo City does not add or inject any fluoride, or any other chemical, into the drinking water beyond chlorine which is required by the State of Utah.

Now, for how often we test our water. Provo City Water Resources conducts 28 tests each week on the water system to check for bacteria contamination. This accounts for over 100 tests per month or nearly 1500 test annually. In the event that one of these tests indicated a potential contamination source, Provo City has a specific policy of immediate action, including additional testing and notification we are required to follow closely. This testing and notification policy is approved and works in conjunction with the State of Utah Division of Drinking Water.

Provo City Water Resources also publishes an annual water quality report which details sample results for the previous year. This report is mailed out to every available address in Provo. We also have this report available on our website.

What if our water system is contaminated? In the event our water system was contaminated, Provo City staff would utilize an emergency phone notification system, social media, and door-to-door notification of affected residents. If you have not signed up to receive emergency phone notifications from the city we would encourage you to take a few minutes to do so by contacting Provo City Customer Service at 311 (801-852-6000) or by visiting the emergency notifications webpage.

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