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BYU Enters the Big 12 Athletic Conference!

We’ve been talking all year about Provo’s big economic wins and the resulting national attention as the Safest Big City, Nation’s Best Performing City, Best Place to Start a Business, and many more. The national spotlight will shine even brighter on Provo with Brigham Young University joining the Big 12 Athletic Conference.

As football legend and Colorado University football coach Deion Sanders predicts, joining the Big 12 is a “game changer”! Watch our video to learn how this transformative move will impact Provo and the innovative steps we’re taking to seize this exciting opportunity.

BYU’s Athletic Director, Tom Holmoe has been planning BYU’s Big 12 entrance for a decade, with a dedicated team working behind the scenes building those bridges for many years. Enjoy Tom sharing what this opportunity means for him personally and for the community.

Rise and Shout! Enjoy the excitement of BYU officially joining the Big 12 with this promotional video.

Let’s roll out the red carpet! With millions of eyes focused on Provo for these events, we will have a unique opportunity to share what sets our community apart—our many “Provo Advantages”.

We want all visitors to feel welcome and have an incredible experience here. BYU coaches Mark Pope and Kalani Sataki share the visiting guest attitude they expect.

BYU joining the Big 12 elevates Provo to a new level, not only in national recognition but also with the strong economic impact that accompanies it—that is definitely a Provo Advantage to cheer about. Go deeper into the community impacts with our white paper.

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