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Proud and Grateful to Chief James Miguel

Chief James Miguel was honored for his forty years in the fire department. His two parting thoughts to his beloved department were twofold: Be safe and take care of each other.

Chief Miguel served in California before feeling compelled to move to Provo. Of the decision to move he told his wife, “There is a department that needs love.” Nearly seven years since he shared pizza with his crews for the first time, Chief Miguel’s love of his fire and police families is felt throughout the state.

With hundreds in attendance to express gratitude, Chief Miguel was honored for above all else being an example of “servant leadership”—always choosing the greater good for his firefighters, for his community, for his family.

As said by the Fire Union Representatives participating in his send-off, “Any department in Utah, or this nation, would be proud to have Chief Miguel leading their fire department.”

We were proud—and we are grateful to Chief James Miguel and his supportive wife, Susan for helping to keep our community safe on your watch!

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