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Are your windows too small?

If there’s a house fire, getting out of the house quickly means the difference between life and death. Many older dwellings have basement and bedroom windows that are dangerously small—so small, no one could ever fit through them.

Window before Provo's Egress Window Program

Current city code specifies that windows must now have an area of at least 5.7 square feet, big enough to allow a firefighter to enter and rescue someone in danger.

Provo City has a program to subsidize the installation of new, larger windows, called egress windows, for residents who qualify. It’s a zero-percent interest loan that could be completely forgiven after five years if you stay in your home that long.

Window after Provo's Egress Window Program

Here’s how to know if you qualify:

  • You must own and occupy your home

  • Apartments do not qualify, and you cannot be renting the space to tenants

  • You must fall within a specified income bracket:

Just watch this awesome video for more information:

To get started, simply call the Provo Redevelopment Agency at (801) 852-6160.

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