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Touring the Provo Police Station, Fire Station 2, and City Hall

During my Listening Tour, many people have asked how to tour the police station, city hall, and Fire Station 2. We've had an open invitation for the community to tour our facilities, but we thought having guided tours with experts would be helpful to many of you. Below is a list of dates that guided tours are available. You'll have an expert guide you through the buildings and speak about the needs of the facilities.

October 10 @ 6-8 PM

October 16 @ 6-8 PM

October 20 @ 9-11 AM

October 25 @ 1-3 PM

October 27 @ 9-11 AM

October 30 @ 7-9 PM

November 3 @ 9-11 AM

We hope that you will be able to attend one of these and ask questions that you may have.

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