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Tomorrow's Parade: An Open Letter

Dear Provo residents and friends,

As we prepare for the parade in Provo tomorrow, I call on each of us to be our best selves. There has been a divide among many of our neighbors over LGBT groups’ desire to

participate in the parade. One of the freedoms we are so proud of in America is the freedom of speech. Each of us is entitled to an opinion, and we have opportunities to share those opinions. What a fabulous thing!

In coming days, there will be ample opportunities to be heard by the City Council, which

is the group that decides whether to help fund the parade, and by me, your mayor. We invite your input, and I am eager to engage in dialogue on our best path forward. There is an open comment period at every regular City Council meeting. Come talk to us.

As for tomorrow at the parade itself, I hope each of us will tap into our highest instincts.

That we will be on being good citizens and strive to come together in celebration of the

miraculous formation of this country. Let’s show each other the neighborliness that helps make this a place we all love to be.

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Austin Taylor
Austin Taylor
Jul 04, 2018

The Freedom Festival has been given chance after chance to clean up its act but has failed each time. It's time for some new leadership for the festival or an end of government funding.


Holly Anderson Robbins
Holly Anderson Robbins
Jul 03, 2018

Do what is right, let the consequence follow. If the parade loses funding because Provo decides to DO THE RIGHT THING (i.e. protect and foster Freedom of Speech), then so be it!

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