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The Strength of our Pillars

As we continue to celebrate and uplift our beloved city, I am excited to unveil a special initiative that puts a spotlight on the very essence of what makes Provo unique, dynamic, and truly wonderful. I am referring to our Provo Pillars: Safe & Sound, Welcoming, Economically Vibrant, and Forward-Looking. Each of these Pillars epitomizes our collective values and the qualities that set Provo apart.

Every month, we'll take a deep dive into one of these Pillars. Through a series of content, stories, interviews, and more, we aim to showcase the soul of our city, reminding us all why we love calling Provo home.

This month, we're turning our focus towards Safe & Sound.

Safety and security are the bedrock of any thriving community. In Provo, we prioritize the well-being of our residents, ensuring our neighborhoods are not only safe but also conducive to nurturing a high quality of life. Stay tuned throughout this month to discover just how we're continually working, adapting, and innovating to make Provo a community where every individual feels safe and sound.

Now, here's where you come in!

We value the feedback of every resident, as it helps us understand your perspective, needs, and aspirations better. I invite each of you to participate in our Provo Pillar Survey. Your insights will aid us in steering Provo's future in a direction that aligns with our shared vision. Please take the survey here.

To give you a bit more context: among the roughly 20,000 incorporated cities in the United States, Provo stands out, not just for its growth but for the heart with which our community beats. Our city's trajectory, grounded in our citizen priorities - public safety, economic development, quality of life, and visionary planning - has set us on a path to success. These priorities converge into our brand promise, encapsulated by the Provo Pillars. They not only serve as our promise to you, our dear residents but also as the foundation that makes our community nationally honored and locally adored.

So, keep an eye out for the exciting content coming your way, delve into the rich narratives of our city, and participate actively in our survey. Together, let’s continue building a Provo that is safe and sound, welcoming, economically vibrant, and always forward-looking.

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Oct 03, 2023

I truly believe you are the best mayor provo has ever had. You are truly a healthy woman that takes great care of your health which is what makes the best decision making and you are making provo a great city for the present and the future and if other politicians took great care of there health like you do, things would be running alot better throughout the United States.


Sep 21, 2023

You can begin by making sure Provo does not accept and cater to the ever growing homeless. They have brought many cities and towns to their knees and once they are entrenched all is lost, Yes I believe in helping our fellow man but most of these people don't want true help but rather free hand outs and a place to use drugs. Provo does not need this.

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