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Boosting Provo’s Economic Vibrancy and Quality of Life

Before my job as mayor even began, I was knocking on doors throughout Provo to ensure I knew what people needed most from their city leadership. I took office understanding that one thing the people of Provo wanted was an additional grocery store. So I assembled a task force that has met with me weekly to do anything we can to add additional grocery options to our residents

By now, you’ve probably heard me use a favorite mantra, “swing for the fences!” I hope my meaning is clear—in Provo, we are going BIG! Examples of how this plays out are visible in our wonderfully successful airport expansion and in our Peaks Arena, which we’ve grown to be a self-sufficient, world-renowned venue.

With the countless hours of effort that we have put into our economic endeavors, we were thrilled with the new Target opening at Provo Town Centre. Equally thrilling is the response of Provo’s residents about this new store! Provo residents, including from the Westside with it’s easy access on Lakeview Parkway, have expressed so much gratitude about all Target offers, including (and especially) groceries! Be assured, there are many other benefits—jobs that are created by a new store, enhanced quality of life for locals, and a promised spark of fresh energy in that area of town.

Recently, Keith Morey shared something with me that captured what it feels like to work in Provo right now. He said, “I’ve been working in cities in Utah for thirty years, and the momentum and energy that I feel in Provo is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced!” This new Target reminds me that just like the excitement of the new airport terminal, this is not the end. This is the momentum that gets us to the home run hit! These big things have a way of leading up to others. I hope Provo’s growth and economic vibrancy are something we’ll all be able to celebrate together. (And if you see me at Target on a Saturday morning with my hair in a messy bun, I hope you’ll say hi!)

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