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Supporting Our Downtown Businesses

As construction work on Center Street progresses, I wanted to take a moment to talk about our remarkable downtown businesses, the heart and soul of our community.

You've likely noticed the construction along Center Street, a vital project aimed at enhancing safety and vibrancy. While this work signifies our commitment to growth and modernization, it also poses a temporary challenge for our downtown businesses. However, let me assure you - they're still open and as vibrant as ever! So, the next time you think about dining out, shopping for a gift, or even just grabbing a coffee, consider downtown.

Parking? We've Got You Covered!

Concerned about parking? Don't be! We've ensured there's plenty of free parking available downtown. Additionally, you can now park at the old City Hall site, with entry from 100 South. For more details on public parking, visit our Interactive Parking Map.

Thank you, Provo, for your love, resilience, and endless support. Together, we make this city extraordinary.

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Bev Chapman
Bev Chapman
Aug 28, 2023

What businesses? Most are closer to University. Provo needs more businesses instead of losing them to Orem or Springville and Spanish Fork..

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