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Statement regarding Provo Police, Fire & City Facilities Bond

The results of the election are official today. The Provo Police, Fire & City Facilities Bond has passed.

I am so impressed to see the number of you who got out to vote. I am also impressed to see the response to the serious needs of our police, fire, and city facilities. I appreciate your trust in us and we will work hard to develop a facility that will serve Provo residents for decades to come. We are committed to being cost-effective and careful with the tax dollars that are entrusted to us.  As we move forward, we will seek citizen input in designing the building and redeveloping the current site.

I want to thank everyone who participated in this election. I know that for a lot of you this was a difficult decision. Thank you for the time and energy you invested in this important matter. Thank you for attending meetings, going on tours, and reading about the needs.

Although views differed on what we should do about the situation, I'm grateful that there was nearly universal recognition of the city's needs. I'm grateful that the election results mean we can now address those needs and prepare for Provo City's bright future.

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