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State of the City - TEDx style!

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

Welcome to the State of the City address - TEDx style! Press play to join me on the stage of the Covey Center as I share the state of our city, highlight examples of what makes our city exceptional, and announce some exciting plans for the future.

Part 1 - State of the City

Press play to watch Part 1 of the State of the City address. Highlights include:

  • New Public Safety & City Hall Building - Keeps police safe so they can keep us safe. Helps us recruit and retain the best. Helps city workers better serve you.

  • New Provo Airport terminal - Provides convenience to our residence. Strengthens our economy. $130 million annual local spending.

  • Provo Parks & Recreation Department - Award winning #1 in the Nation!

  • $50 Million Grant - Federal Funds for Aquifer Recharge, will help provide drinking water for decades to come!

  • The Rainy Day Fund - $40 million, the highest dollar amount ever; 34.2% revenue, the highest percentage ever!

  • Water Conservation - We asked and you delivered. 728 million gallons less than the prior 20-year average.

Part 2 - Exciting Announcements

Press play to watch Part 2 of the State of the City address. Exciting announcements include:

  • Quail Orchard Park - cutting the ribbon this spring!

  • Regional Sports Park - 100 acres, 21 fields, $40 million projected annual local spending.

  • Two Pedestrian Bridges - Over railroad tracks from Frontrunner Station to Downtown and over University Ave near old Provo High. Will enhance walkability and pedestrian safety.

  • A New Website - Provo needs a forward-facing, user-friendly website for all.

  • Airport Expansion - We are already at capacity. We are working hard to meet requests from airlines that want to come to Provo. Get ready, the Provo Airport in the near future will become the Provo International Airport!

Part 3 - Meet Michelle Garrick

Press play to watch Part 3 of the State of the City address and hear the story of Michelle Garrick.

It is with every fiber of my being and from the bottom of my heart I say thank you. Thank you for letting me serve you. Thank you for allowing me to be your Mayor. I love my job. And thank you for being an exceptional community.

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