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Shopping Local – More Important Now Than Ever!


We’re bringing this fun, competitive pastime to the streets of Provo with a weekly, city-wide Takeout Bingo Game. Challenge your family members, challenge your neighbors, challenge “Karen” from Facebook--this is a game where the more people play, the more we all win!

Small businesses are such a huge contributor to not only our economy, but also the unique character of our city. COVID-19, with its social distancing restrictions, has taken a toll on all of us, but our small businesses are feeling the crunch from both a health and an economic standpoint.

I love interacting with the small business owners. They help make Provo a wonderful place to live!

What I find particularly touching is the fact that those businesses who are currently the most financially vulnerable, are also the businesses who have never hesitated to give back to the community. It is time for us, the community, to give back to our businesses during their time of need. By some estimations, there could be tens of thousands of permanent retail closures in the United States in 2020 as a result of business disruption from COVID-19. Losing even one of our Provo businesses is one too many.

“What’s for dinner?”

For the coming weeks, I hope you’ll look to our Takeout Bingo cards to find the answer.

Without further ado, I give you PROVO CITY TAKEOUT BINGO!

Here are the rules:

  1. Get takeout/delivery/curbside from all the locations in any given row and take a pic of you enjoying the food!

  2. Once you have a Bingo (horizontal, vertical or diagonal), send all of your pictures in one email to, or send a direct message to Instagram (@provocity) or Provo City Government Facebook (@provocity) with all your pics. Be sure to attach your marked card as well!

  3. Every Bingo you submit will be entered in a drawing to receive a Provo dinner/dessert experience on us! ($50 value).

  4. You can enter as many Bingos as you want! (Have 5 Bingos on one card? Great! That is 5 entries for you!) A “blackout” (all spaces filled on one card) will count for 6 entries.

  5. We will draw one winner every week!

* By submitting your pics, you agree to let us post them on the blog and/or on social media.

A new card will be released every week on my blog and on our social media accounts. Here are the links for this week’s bingo card:

  • 180 Tacos

  • Five Sushi Brothers

  • Sodalicious

  • Magleby’s

  • Black Sheep Cafe

  • Rockwell Ice Cream

  • Station 22

  • Joe Vera’s

  • Two Jacks Pizza

  • Chom

  • K’s Kitchen

  • Provo Bakery

  • Ernie’s Sports Deli

  • Bianca’s La Petite Bakery

  • Hruska’s

  • El Mexsal

  • Tommy’s Burger

  • Fillings and Emulsions

  • Mozz Pizza

  • Sensuous Sandwich

  • Taste

  • Blue Poblano

  • Good Move

  • Guru’s

To All Local Businesses

If you would like to be featured on a future Takeout Bingo, please send a message with your business name and link to!

Thank You

I know this is a tough time for so many, but if you have the means, please participate in this fun effort to help out local businesses! I love Provo and each of you for doing your part! Keep safe, keep strong, #provoproud.

Michelle Kaufusi

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