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Regional Sports Park is a Project of Opportunity

We are an active community! With 330 local teams playing on only 11 existing fields, Provo City was not able to meet our local sports demand. Our award-winning Parks and Recreation department went into action by adding a visionary regional sports park on the Parks and Recreation Master Plan.

It was this forward-thinking that put Provo in a position to receive federal funding designated for open space preservation. Provo City approached The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, which owned 100 acres on the westside of Provo. They were supportive of a sports park to promote active and healthy lifestyles and in the spirit of cooperation, church officials made the sale of this land possible.

The planned regional sports complex will be the second largest in the nation, with 21 multi-use fields, a 45 court Pickleball facility and park amenities. Not only will it meet the current and growing sports needs of our community, but it will also generate more than $30 million in economic impact to Provo and surrounding communities.

Knowing the regional sports park will increase our quality of life and economic strength, I proudly added it to my “Big 6” list of visionary projects—and the community caught the vision. Utah County provided tourism-based support to lead the way in driving this economically impactful project forward which prompted additional federal, state, and local funding.

Community involvement continues with citizen fundraising for a regional-sized Pickleball facility. Pickleball is the fastest growing sport locally and nationally. The planned capacity will attract players for local, regional, and national events, creating its own dynamic economic impact.

From a local need, we’re creating a regional recreational community asset. This project of opportunity will open Fall 2024 on 15 sports fields, with the southern 6 fields and 45 Pickleball courts to follow.

Provo City is in the game!

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