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Quail Orchard Park is Open!

I am thrilled to announce a significant milestone in our community. On September 28th, we opened the doors of Quail Orchard Park, marking it as Provo’s 57th park. Nestled at 522 E 3900 N, this park stands as a testament to our commitment to fostering a community-centered environment that prioritizes both recreation and the well-being of our residents.

This $5.5 million project has been made possible through the combined efforts of development impact fees, our Recreation, Arts and Parks Tax revenue, and a significant contribution from the Provo City General Fund. And, what makes this park truly special is that it has been designed with a lot of heart and dedication. A team comprising of our neighborhood residents spent over a year meticulously working with the landscape architecture consultant, BlueLine Design, to ensure every aspect of the park resonates with the soul of Provo.

Having been closely situated to the park, I personally had the honor of being a part of this commendable committee, alongside many of you. City Council Chair, Katrice MacKay, perfectly encapsulated our collective feelings when she said, “It is genuinely a park that was designed by and reflects the residents of the Timpview/Edgemont area.”

But this park is more than just an open space; it's a reflection of our values. Our Parks and Recreation Director, Scott Henderson, aptly mentioned, “Quail Orchard Park becomes part of our impressive parks and trails system designed to promote the active and healthy lifestyle for children and adults—which is part of the Provo citizen fiber.”

This park boasts features that cater to everyone. From adventure-style playgrounds, contemporary pavilions, and family-style restrooms to walking paths illuminated by low energy lamps, a natural meandering stream, pickleball courts, and group pavilions – Quail Orchard Park is a haven for every Provo resident, young and old.

The history of this park's land is also noteworthy. We acquired this 8-acre land several years ago at a favorable point in real estate values. Two acres of it are dedicated to the 3900 North Street development, with the remaining dedicated to our lovely park.

Furthermore, the park serves a dual purpose. Apart from being a recreational spot, it acts as a stormwater detention basin, efficiently collecting runoff from the neighboring areas during significant storm events. This not only protects private properties and businesses from potential flooding but also ensures the well-being of our residents downstream.

I take immense pride in stating that the grand opening of Quail Orchard Park adds yet another feather to our cap, showcasing why our Parks and Recreation department was honored with the 2021 National Gold Medal Awards for Excellence in Park and Recreation Management.

In closing, I want to express my deepest gratitude to everyone involved in making Quail Orchard Park a reality. It's endeavors like these that strengthen our community, and I am both humbled and proud to serve as your mayor.

Stay active, stay healthy, and see you at the park!

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1 comentario

Gaye Lee Page
Gaye Lee Page
04 oct 2023

Beautiful park! It wasn't mentioned, but I'm hoping it's an all-abilities playground!

Is it time to begin developing the green space between Smith's and Dirty Dough yet?

Me gusta
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