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Provo Ranked 2nd Best Run City

As mayor, I'm thrilled to see that Provo has been ranked by this week as one of the best run cities in the nation. To be ranked number two out of the top 150 U.S. cities is incredible. 

Who gets the credit for this achievement? Well, the criteria included everything from infrastructure to infant mortality and from high school graduation numbers to pollution. So it seems clear the credit goes to virtually every resident of Provo. It goes to parents helping their kids graduate, to nurses on the night shift, and to city workers building our roads and on and on.

I am proud to see this recognition for the amazing community that we have all helped build here. As an elected officer, I am focused on doing what will be for the long-term good of Provo residents. It's humbling to live in a community where that seems to be an objective everyone shares.

If you'd like to read more about's criteria, you can visit their website here.

Thank you to @cooperthacker for this gorgeous photo

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