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Provo is America's #1 City for Worker Satisfaction

We've always known that our beloved Provo is a special place to live, work, and enjoy life, but now, we have an official recognition that backs up our sentiment!

According to Glassdoor, a leading platform for job and company insights, Provo has been ranked as the #1 City in America with the Most Satisfied Workers! This isn't just a number or a rank - it's a testament to the spirit, resilience, and collaborative ethos that defines us as a community.

This accolade highlights the diverse industries that thrive here, our robust economy, and the exceptional companies that choose Provo as their home. Above all, it is a nod to the work-life balance, employee fulfillment, and job satisfaction that are deeply ingrained in our local culture.

As your Mayor, I feel incredibly proud to serve a community so deeply committed to professional and personal happiness. I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to our local businesses. Your continuous investment in your employees, your commitment to fostering supportive work environments, and your provision of outstanding benefits all contribute significantly to making Provo the best place to work in the country.

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