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Provo Is the Leading Mid-Sized City for ENERGY STAR Certified Buildings!

It is with great pride that I announce Provo’s remarkable accomplishment in the realm of energy efficiency. This year, Provo has earned the distinction of being ranked #1 among mid-sized cities in America for the most ENERGY STAR certified buildings. Additionally, we have achieved an impressive 20th place overall in the national rankings.

In 2022, Provo ranked #2 for mid-sized cities and #21 overall. Although we experienced a slight dip in 2023, falling to #3 for mid-sized cities and out of the top 25 overall, we have made a triumphant return in 2024, reclaiming the top spot for mid-sized cities and improving our overall ranking. This achievement is not just a win for Provo, but for the entire Provo-Orem Metropolitan Statistical Area, which includes all of Utah County. Our community's dedication to energy efficiency is evident in landmarks such as our very own City Hall, which stands as a model of sustainable design.

Commercial buildings are significant contributors to greenhouse gas emissions, responsible for 16% of the nation’s total and spending over $190 billion annually on energy. In many urban areas, buildings account for 30% to more than 70% of total emissions. ENERGY STAR certified buildings, on the other hand, use an average of 35% less energy and generate 35% less carbon dioxide than typical buildings. This makes our ranking even more meaningful, highlighting our proactive steps in reducing environmental impact and promoting energy conservation.

Provo’s success is a collective effort. Our business leaders, building owners, and managers have embraced the technical guidance, best practices, and training necessary to make their buildings more energy efficient. By earning ENERGY STAR certification, these buildings demonstrate superior energy performance, outperforming 75 percent of similar buildings nationwide.

In 2023, a significant number of buildings in the Provo area earned the ENERGY STAR, contributing to our top ranking. This achievement reflects our community’s commitment to improving energy efficiency, saving money, and reducing carbon emissions.

We are proud to be a national leader in energy efficiency and to serve as an example for other cities striving to create more sustainable communities. Provo's ranking showcases our dedication to environmental stewardship and the economic and environmental benefits of reducing energy use.

For more information about ENERGY STAR and to see the full rankings, visit Let's keep up the great work, Provo!

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23 may

Thank you for at least acknowledging here that the ranking is based on the entire area. I wish more of the soundbites of these types of rankings would acknowledge the entire area. There is a lot of activity throughout the county that gets aggregated under "Provo".

Me gusta
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