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Provo Airport Celebrates One Year of Flying High! ✈️

I am excited to share that our Provo City Airport is celebrating its first anniversary since the launch of the new terminal, a milestone that marks a remarkable year of growth and success. In the past 365 days, we have welcomed new airline partners, added numerous routes, and now, we are paving the way for the airport's expansion to accommodate international flights.

When we conceived the idea of expanding Provo Airport, we aimed to make Provo not just a destination but a gateway to the world. During the Stadium of Fire, I expressed my optimism about the Provo Airport becoming an International Airport. And that dream is closer to reality than ever before.

Our Provo Airport's success can be attributed to the incredible increase in daily flights, from four flights a day to 12, with an expectation of reaching 17 by the end of this year. I commend Brian Torgersen, our Provo Airport Director, and his team for their tireless efforts in making this happen.

We are indeed soaring high, and the demand for international travel has been acknowledged by our airline partners. They have requested we prepare for this expansion sooner than we anticipated. But we are not stepping back from this challenge. Our plans for this expansion include added apron space for additional aircraft and the potential to accommodate up to ten gates with facilities for customs border control.

Our Provo Airport terminal was built debt-free, through collective effort and funding from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the State of Utah, Utah County, and Provo City. Now, with a $62 million expansion plan underway, backed by Utah County and the State of Utah, we are prepared to take our airport to new heights.

Investment in vital infrastructure is the key to creating economic opportunities. The economic impact of this expansion will be substantial - each new roundtrip daily destination brings an estimated $15 million into our local, regional, and state economy.

Our partnership with commercial airlines such as Breeze Airways has been instrumental in increasing flights out of Provo Airport. Since their commitment, they have added 10 new destinations and have flown 100,000 guests from Provo within just one year. Our relationship with Allegiant, a partner since 2013, has also been crucial in delivering affordable, non-stop flights to over 700,000 passengers.

Our new airport terminal has improved the travel experience by providing amenities like a baggage carousel, on-site car rentals, and food options. It's designed to enhance the travel experience, from curb to flight, and we are proud to offer quick gate access, short lines, and increased travel convenience.

Some features of the new airport terminal include a Family Lounge, a comfortable seating area for 630 people in the Travelers Commons, local retail shops and restaurants in Streetscape Provo, a public gathering space in the Outlook Lounge, and a spacious waiting area with a clear view of arriving passengers in the Reunion Court.

As we look ahead, our Provo Airport will continue to serve as a preferred choice for vacationers who value affordable, convenient travel. Together, we are creating a city that is not only a fantastic place to live but a globally recognized destination as well.

Thank you for being part of this exciting journey. Together, we are building a city that dreams big and achieves bigger!

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