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Let's Hike Buffalo Peak!

Ready for a short hike with a stellar view? Check out  Buffalo Peak Trail. This hike is a true “bang for your buck” type of hike. To access the trailhead: drive about 2 miles up Provo Canyon, take the squaw peak turnoff, continue up the winding paved road for 4 miles, and look for the “t” junction.

For the long hike (4.2 miles): turn right at the “t” junction, park and look for a stone wall.

For the short hike (0.9 miles): turn left at the “t” junction and drive 3 more miles. You’ll see a large meadow and dirt parking lot to your right. After only halfway through the hike, you’ll start to see stunning views of Provo Peak, “Y” mountain, and Squaw Peak. After a short, steep ascent you’ll finish with a breathtaking vista of Utah Valley.

Total distance: 0.9 miles

Difficulty level: easy

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