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Kaufusi's Keikis 🌺

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

I am a Provo girl born and raised. What most people don’t know is that I was one of seven children being raised by a single mother living in survival mode. It was only through a caring community that my trajectory was improved, leading to opportunities and success.

To give back to the Provo community that helped raise me, I am proud to announce Kaufusi’s Keikis, a free health outreach program to provide all elementary-aged children with potentially life-saving annual screenings.

Through a partnership with Noorda College of Osteopathic Medicine and the Provo School District, medical students will begin providing free, in-school, opt-in health screenings at three of our local, Title 1 elementary schools this fall. Noorda-COM will also provide supplemental resources for families needing guidance on follow-up care for their children.

Our new city mission statement is ‘Exceptional Care for an Exceptional Community. Seeing community partners coming together for the health of our children is an ideal example of our mission statement in action.

Kaufusi’s Keikis will be funded through private donations, sponsorship gifts, and donated time and service. Additionally, sponsorship funds from the annual Provo Advantage Pro-Am golf tournament will be used to help launch the health outreach program. Our Provo Advantage golf tournament has grown each year, attracting economic development influencers from across the state. As we expand to a two-day, three-round Pro-Am tournament, our hope is to enlist our economic partners in this valuable community cause.

Provo’s children are our number one priority. Through this program, our goal is to serve every single one of them—regardless of background or situation.

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