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Honoring our Valiant Servicemembers

As I visit the grounds of the Provo Cemetery I can't help but think it was just a year ago we shared in the sight and sounds of patriotism during our annual Memorial Day Tribute. The stars and stripes waving majestically in the wind. The crisp uniforms of those who have known the battlefield honoring those who've never left it. The staccato of the gun salute piercing the solum silence. Choir singing the patriotic classics that we all know and love. And pride in the voice of those sharing their experiences. The required cancelation of public celebrations will change the way we celebrate but it certainly doesn't take away the reason we celebrate.

In many ways the challenges we face together as a community, a state, and a nation have served to remind us of those things that are most important but often take for granted: family, friends, and freedom. Pause with me on this day of remembrance to virtually salute the sacrifice of those who have valiantly served this great country. Thank you for the inspiration of your courage.

"This year requires a little more of us. So many of our Veterans may not be able to get out and see friends and family like they normally do. During this time of isolation and uncertainty it is more important than ever that we take the extra effort to reach out to those who have served. Sometimes just sitting down with Veterans and their family members to talk can go a long way. However you choose to do it, keep connecting and encouraging all of us to find ways to involve ourselves in caring for those who bear the physical, emotional, and physiological scars of war. I thank you of thinking of Veterans today and for helping to honor the fallen. I challenge all of us to keep our fighting men and women in the forefront of our minds, today and every day." - Senator Mike Lee

We will be virtually honoring our valiant servicemen and women for their sacrifice with a re-airing of last year’s touching program featuring keynote speaker, Doug Witney, Vietnam Veteran, US Army. The service includes youth speaker, Rebecca Reynosa, Freedom Festival Essay Medalist; and remarks by Captain Andrew Howard, US Navy (ret)., musical numbers by Treeside Elementary Choir, the Pledge of Allegiance lead by Miss Provo Maren Paris Cline, a 21-gun salute by Metro Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Team, and the “Taps” bugle call by Jaden Anderson, American Legion Eagle Scout Scholarship Recipient.

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