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Help Make Next Month Free Fare February!

Let's celebrate the 20th anniversary of the 2002 Olympics next month, and help improve our air quality during a month that is subject to severe winter inversions with Free Fare February! We can make UTA’s transit services free, systemwide, for the month of February as a way to:

  • Help people get out of their cars and keep our air cleaner

  • Commemorate the 20th anniversary of the 2002 Olympic Winter Games

  • Gather some valuable data on how free fares impact transit use

But we need your support to make this idea a reality! Please take a moment to read the information below, and fill out this quick form by the end of the day today!

What does Free Fare February entail?

We need to raise $1 million dollars to support free fares on UTA for the entire month of February. All UTA bus and train services would be free, including

Utah Valley Express (UVX), Bus, TRAX, FrontRunner, Streetcar, paratransit and UTA On Demand.

However, if we don’t reach the $1 million goal, we propose offering free fares February 4-20 during the 17 days of the Beijing Olympic Winter Games.

Based on interest and ability to contribute, we’ll work with our partners at UTA on next steps. Please also feel free to forward this post to any group who might want to participate. Thank you for your commitment to clean air in Utah!

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