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Don’t Make Provo Fire Department Rain on Your Parade

Remember, fireworks season doesn’t start until SUNDAY, JULY 2! With high wildfire risk conditions, Provo City Fire Department is issuing this strong, but light-hearted word of caution to citizens: Fireworks are illegal until July 2.

Our Fire Marshal, Lynn Schofield, emphasizes each person's critical role in safeguarding our community during this vibrant yet potentially hazardous period. "Restrictions are in place to protect individuals and our community. There is zero room to compromise on safety precautions," Schofield asserts. We are incredibly proud that our citizens have proven time and again to be part of the solution rather than contributing to any problems.

This year, Utah State Law stipulates that the legal dates for Fourth of July fireworks are from Sunday, July 2 through Wednesday, July 5. For Pioneer Day, the dates extend from Saturday, July 22 through Tuesday, July 25. Please note that any violation of these guidelines is an infraction that carries a hefty $1,000 fine. We share this not to scare but to remind everyone that safety measures and legal dates are essential for ensuring a joyful and accident-free celebration.

On July 1st, you may notice fireworks lighting up the Provo sky as part of the short Big 12 announcement and the annual Stadium of Fire show. However, these are approved, permitted displays, distinct from individual, unauthorized firework usage.

Play it Safe at the Park

Many of you are familiar with and enthusiastic supporters of our Play it Safe at the Park program. Launched in response to extreme drought conditions in 2021, this initiative encourages citizens to discharge their consumer-grade fireworks at approved parks for safe community celebrations. We are elated to see this program grow year after year, enhancing both the safety and enjoyment of our fireworks festivities.

Please refer to the map to see where fireworks are banned in Provo City and the list of approved parks. Discharging fireworks in the restricted discharge area is a Class B Misdemeanor and carries a $1000 fine. Please use one of our approved city parks to do fireworks.

As we approach this exciting season, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to all residents who conscientiously do the right thing. Although we, as a city, provide the tools for safety, the ultimate responsibility for our community's wellbeing rests with the person lighting the fuse. It's up to all of us to prioritize safety—because our beloved community's safety truly depends on it.

Thank you for doing your part to ensure that our fireworks celebrations are full of joy, unity, and, above all, safety. Here's to a festive and secure fireworks season in Provo!

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