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Come See the Stained Glass Art Unveiled at the Provo Airport

Utah Lake is on colorful display with the unveiling of a stained-glass depiction

by local Provo artist, Jeanne Gomm. Unveiled on Wednesday, April 5, the window series is now on permanent display on the upper level of the new Provo Airport terminal.

The four stained glass windows are the first of two art installations commissioned from Provo artists, with a three-season mural to be completed in December. Provo is known for its creative community, making it an easy decision to feature our local talent. Provo City received 17 local artist submissions during its RFP process.

The airport was designed to showcase Provo—from its replication of downtown Center Street to the floor-to-ceiling windows displaying its natural beauty, with Utah Lake on the west and the Wasatch Mountains on the east.

Utah Lake is one of the largest freshwater lakes in the West making it not only a vital wildlife ecosystem, but a natural recreational attraction. By preserving Provo’s agricultural history in art, we are paying homage to our past as our west side grows into its potential.

Artist Jeanne Gomm is a lifelong Provo resident who has shared a love of stained-glass artistry with her husband, David since 1983. Together they own a studio where they focus on teaching others within the community.

“Stained glass is not a lost art,” said Gomm. “As an art form, it transforms with light making it come alive. Whether cloudy or sunny, it provides a unique viewing experience.”

“We love the beauty of Utah Lake, so I sought to capture its vibrancy during sunrise and sunset,” said Gomm. In what became a ‘family affair,” not only did Gomm’s husband help with the six-month creation, but amongst the depictions of flora, fauna, and wildlife, Gomm included a small red piece of glass representing her daughter, who kayaks Utah Lake daily to clean up trash.

The stained-glass murals are open to the public with no boarding pass needed to view.

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