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Behind the Mask

I'm so excited to reveal this year's theme for Provo Women's Day... Behind the Mask!

We all wear masks (quite literally this past year) and figuratively. We all anxiously look forward to a time when we can safely remove our physical masks, but some of us are far more reluctant to remove the figurative masks hiding our true selves.

Whether you’ve been hiding to impress someone, mask your insecurities, or just to “fit in,” it’s time to proudly be the person you are, confidently knowing it is the most perfect thing you could ever be. I look forward to hearing the powerful stories of women who succeeded by being themselves—by finding, through trial and error, the power that was always within them. By celebrating our unique qualities and strengths, we can better embrace our authentic selves. As we start living up to our potential, we will be a positive catalyst for another—and they for another, and so it goes. As we each rise, we lift each other.

While we wait to finally shed our physical masks, let’s take a moment to encourage each other to remove the figurative masks hiding the beautiful and unique person we each are. As the old saying goes, every creature has its rightful place, and in that place it becomes beautiful.

Lecture Series & Breakfast Drive-Thru

Join us for a free lecture series featuring some of Provo’s most established influencers, academics, social advocates, philanthropists, and thinkers. You’ll meet women who are changing the face of Provo with their passion and personal and professional projects.

Kick-off the event with a free drive-thru breakfast at the Provo Recreation Center from 9:00 - 9:45 am and then from the comfort of your home starting at 10:00 am, tune in on Zoom for the lecture series. Attendees will be emailed more details about how and when to pick up their breakfast along with the Zoom link and directions on how to participate.

The program and speaker lineup will be announced soon. Please register today to reserve your virtual seat and breakfast box. Get your tickets here.

After Party: A Night Out on the Town

Celebrating women is an important part of Provo's culture. This gathering is a reminder that there is a community of supportive women around you underneath the masks!

So who’s ready to party?! We are putting up our neon signs and prepping our party playlists for a night out on the town. Celebrate with hors d'eouvres, art opportunities, live music, and other experiences that will make this year's Women's Day one to remember. Come wearing all of the sequins and glamorous accessories to this event for a fun and safe evening! And don't forget your mask. Tickets are $5/person. Be sure to grab your tickets online here because they will not be available at the door.

And so much more!

We’ve partnered up with several Provo establishments and personalities to host a variety of events and activities to celebrate the occasion.

We've got Free Fitness Classes at the Recreation Center, a Ladies Bike Ride touring the safest ways to get around Provo, Mommy & Me Activity Class at Chrysalis Preschool, a Virtual Cookie Decorating Class by Brittany Swarts, and so much more!

You will find all the details for these engaging activities on the Provo Women’s Day website,

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