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A Few Reminders!

Thursday Garbage will be Picked-up on Friday

Just a reminder for those of you who usually have your garbage picked-up on Thursdays! Be sure to take your garbage can to the curb on Friday this week. Provo’s Sanitation Department will be closed on Thanksgiving Day so your service will be delayed one day. For more information, you can view the 2019 Holiday Sanitation Schedule here. If you have questions about the schedule, call 801-852-6714.

Leaf Bag Pick-up

It is that time of year! Leaves are everywhere and are quite a chore to clean up. Please remember that putting loose leaves from your yard on the sidewalk, in the street or in the gutter without being bagged is prohibited. Leaves in gutters can clog storm drains and cause flooding problems.

The city has a crew that cleans the leaves out of gutters but our staff doesn’t have the capacity to remove all the leaves so we ask for help from our residents not to put leaves in the gutters. Those found depositing leaves into the gutters will be billed for the cost of cleaning them up, according to Provo City ordinance.

Leaves from your yard that are bagged and placed on the curb will be picked up by the City crews through the month of November. The pickup schedule is the same as the normal trash service day, with our crews running from 6 AM until 4 PM. This schedule will be maintained until crews transition to snow removal. Any special requests can be submitted to customer service, in order to meet additional needs.

Last Week for Green Can Pick-up

Thursday, November 28 is the last day we will be servicing your green cans so if you have any yard waste that you want to dispose of make sure you get them out during your regular garbage pick-up. Make sure that you are only putting yard waste in your green cans. We are unable to pick up green cans with unacceptable materials in them. No rocks, dirt, sod, paper, building materials, stumps, roots or animal waste. The lid should be able to close – brush/limbs no longer than 3’ or hanging over can.

Green Can pick-up will start up again in March 2020. If you would like to participate in yard waste recycling, dial 3-1-1 for more information.

Compost Yard Closing for the Season

The last day Provo’s Compost Yard (located at 1625 South Industrial Parkway) will be open for the season is Saturday, December 7. If you need to drop off large loads of yard waste or buy compost be sure to stop by the compost yard on Friday and Saturday from 7:00 am – 5:00 pm this weekend or next weekend.

Drop off of material is limited to Provo residents, who will need to come with a copy of a current City of Provo utility bill. A $5.00 fee for pickup truck loads and for trailers up to 16’ will be applied to their utility bill for each drop off. An additional charge will apply to larger trailer loads.

No stumps or roots will be accepted; nor will any logs larger than 10” in diameter. Logs larger than 4” in diameter will need to be cut to lengths no greater than 3’. No loads from commercial haulers or landscapers will be accepted.

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