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Welcoming Doug Robins as Provo's New Parks & Rec Director

It's with great pleasure that I announce the unanimous approval of Doug Robins as Provo City's new Parks and Recreation Director. Many of you already know Doug from his eight years of dedicated service as the Assistant Parks and Recreation Director, and I am confident that his leadership will continue to enhance our award-winning Parks and Recreation Department.

Doug's journey with Provo City is a story of commitment and passion. With his diverse background in utility forestry, city forestry, and park management, Doug has been instrumental in achieving remarkable milestones for our community. His efforts have led to significant reductions in operational subsidies, securing over $25M in grants for city projects, and the expansion of our city cemetery, among many other achievements.

I am particularly proud of the collaboration between Doug and Scott Henderson, our former Parks and Recreation Director. Their partnership has been transformative, driving our community health paradigm to national recognition. Their commitment to Provo has earned our city a rare accreditation, placing us in the top 2% of parks and recreation agencies across the country, and bringing home the National Gold Medal of Excellence.

As I reflect on Doug's contributions, I am reminded of the vibrant and healthy Provo that we all cherish. This city's beauty and the well-being of its residents are woven into the fabric of who we are, and Doug's passion is a testament to that. Our Parks and Recreation Department is indeed in capable hands, and under Doug's direction, I am confident we will continue to operate at the highest levels in the industry.

Doug is thrilled about this new opportunity to lead our team of professionals, and he brings with him the winning formula that our citizens deserve the best in facilities and service. His commitment to delivering world-class recreation facilities and services is unwavering, and I share his enthusiasm for our city's future.

As we look ahead, we can all be excited about the new amenities and the preservation of our existing facilities. Doug's 'New Forever' maintenance attitude ensures that our investment in health and recreation will continue to enrich our lives.

I want to extend my heartfelt congratulations to Doug Robins on his new role. His vision for Provo's future is one that aligns with our community's values, and together, we will continue to build upon our city's legacy as a place of beauty, health, and recreation.

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