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We ♥ Our Dispatchers!

This week is Provo City Public Safety Telecommunicators Week! I want to recognize and thank all of our dispatchers. Ask any police officer or firefighter, and they will tell you our dispatchers have the hardest job of them all. And they do it very well. In fact, they’re outstanding. Some have said our dispatchers work together like a well-oiled machine.

I was able to honor our dispatchers for their exemplary service to our Police and Fire Departments and most importantly to the citizens of Provo City. Chief Miguel of the Fire Department and Captain Beebe of the Police Department also honored our 911 Emergency Dispatchers for their service to our public safety effort.

In Chief Ferguson’s absence, Captain Beebe shared the Chief’s message and honored them for supporting our citizens during their most difficult moments. “You are our citizens’ first contact during their crucible moments. Throughout the year, you hear and deal with thousands of crucible moments, many are unimaginable. Be assured; you will experience more ‘crucible moments’ in your life as a dispatcher than the average person, including your own.”

Provo City also recognized Tatiana Leao as Dispatcher of the year. Mindy Catterson was recognized as dispatch trainer of year. Adrianna Garza was recognized as outstanding police dispatcher of the year. Brittany Hutchison was honored as emergency medical dispatcher of the year, and Mindy Catterson was honored again as outstanding fire dispatcher of the year.

We are fortunate to have such gifted and skilled professionals serving in our public safety service. We thank them all for what they do for our community!

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