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Road Closure Heads-up for the Utah Valley Marathon!

Thousands of runners are coming to Provo for the Utah Valley Marathon on Saturday, June 4, 2022. They are sure to bring passion, power and positive impact with them.

The Utah Valley Marathon, one of the fastest spring marathons around, is a qualifier for the Boston Marathon and one of the most beautiful runs. Mountains, lush farmland, cascading waterfalls, the rushing Provo River, Deer Creek Reservoir and national parks surround the runners on every turn. It’s a great event for them. It’s a great event for us.

We anticipate this premier race will bring over 8,000 runners and visitors to Provo. 27% of the runners signed up for the marathon are from out-of-state. Those racers and families fill our hotel rooms, eat at our restaurants and shop at our retails stores. It’s estimated that this race alone will bring 1.7 million dollars into our local economy.

The race will finish in our Historic Downtown which is a symbol of all the hard work we’ve put into that vital area of the City. It’s no wonder downtown is recognized on a national level and receives such high rankings. Let’s welcome them with big smiles and open arms and watch for them from 6:30 AM until 3:00 PM.

Road Closures

The outside Northbound lane on University Avenue will be closed from approximately 6:30 am until 2:00 pm. Race participants have the right of way. Traffic will be allowed to cross when there is a break in the runners. There could be a very long delay so please plan ahead. University Avenue will be completely closed between 200 North and 300 South until 3:00 pm. All traffic in Provo Canyon will be traveling in the Westbound lanes. Traffic traveling East and West will be open in one lane each way.

The flyover ramp going into the canyon from 800 North in Orem will be closed. Please detour South at 800 East to Orem Center Street then East to University Avenue where you will be allowed to access the canyon.

We can all work together and get the word out about these road closures and delays and hopefully alleviate any unnecessary stress. Get more detailed information about the marathon here:

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