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Provo Shines as the #1 Boomtown in America

Updated: Aug 18

According to a comprehensive study by Checkr, which analyzed data from all 381 US metro areas, Provo has been crowned as America’s biggest boomtown! Let's take a moment to understand what this means for us, for you, and for the future of Provo.

What Does Being a “Boomtown” Mean for Provo?

For those unfamiliar with the term, a "boomtown" signifies a city that undergoes rapid economic growth within a short period.

Provo clinched the title with an exceptional Boomtown Score of 37! Our city excelled in key metrics like an increase in the number of businesses, ranking #2; and a remarkable labor force growth, placing us at #6.

What Does This Recognition Mean for Provo Residents?

This accolade isn’t just a statistic; it's a testament to the hard work, tenacity, and vision of each resident and business in Provo. The thriving sectors have generated a plethora of job opportunities, beckoning professionals and skilled workers. Moreover, being recognized as a boomtown means that Provo will continue to attract investment, further expanding our economic growth. It’s not just a badge of honor, but a promise of an even brighter future.

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