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Green Yard Waste Season Starts Today!

Provo’s Yard Waste Season starts today and will run from March 2 through November 27, 2020. Your green yard waste cans will be emptied the same day as your regular garbage pickup. Please have your cans on the side of the road by 6:00 am.

Make sure that you are only putting yard waste in your green cans. We are unable to pick up green cans with unacceptable materials in them.

  • No rocks, dirt, sod, paper, building materials, stumps, roots or animal waste

  • The lid should be able to close – brush/limbs no longer than 3’ or hanging over can

Acceptable Materials

  • Yard Waste: grass clippings, leaves, weeds, tree branches (cut tree branches so they can fit in container)

  • Food Waste: fruit, vegetables, bread, coffee grounds, egg shells, pasta/rice

  • Other Waste: clean wood & wood chips, compostable paper bags

Not Acceptable Materials

  • Meat or any other fatty food scraps

  • Garbage, pet feces, plastics

  • Sod, dirt, bricks or cement

  • Wood products that have been treated with any kind of chemical e.g. varnished wood is not accepted

Yard waste recycling is considered a recycling option when it comes to recycling rates in your utility bill. Participating in yard waste recycling is just three touches away on your phone. Dial 3-1-1 for more information.

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