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Construction on Cougar Boulevard is Complete!

Construction on Cougar Boulevard between 500 West and Canyon Boulevard is

complete! Crews wrapped up all remaining roadway construction activities this week. The

project will officially end next year when final landscaping and minor concrete repairs are

complete in May.

The $5.5 million project was initiated in 2015 by Provo City with funding support from the Utah Department of Transportation. The project was designed to improve safety for all roadway users and add and improve active transportation facilities along the corridor. The improvements to Cougar Boulevard are a great addition to our city. As residential development and the economy continue booming, the upgraded infrastructure will support Provo’s future growth and success.

Since March of this year, crews have constructed new raised medians, upgraded signalized

intersections, and added green paint at conflict points along the roadway to highlight areas

where drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians interact.

The project has created new and safer opportunities for active transportation by adding new

sidewalks and buffered bicycle lanes. These bike lanes will connect to the lanes being added to 500 West and will result in a more comprehensive and connected bicycle system in Provo. Provo residents will enjoy easier access to restaurants and shopping with the addition of a new traffic signal at 400 West. New trees, landscaping, and undergrounding of overhead power lines will make traveling along the corridor a more beautiful and enjoyable experience.

Cougar Boulevard is now more safe, comfortable, and accessible for all of Provo’s residents

whether they drive, walk, use a mobility device, or bike through town. We’ve already seen an

increase of cyclists using the bike lanes and we look forward to seeing how these improvements benefit our local businesses and all members of our community.

Click on the sliders for before and after pictures:

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