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Celebrating a Century of Provo Golf Excellence

A hundred years ago, on September 13, 1923, a dedicated group of 34 Provo visionaries came together with a dream of crafting a unique golf experience in Utah. They founded the Timpanogos Golf Club, which has since been at the heart of Provo's rich golfing history.

Our very own Timpanogos Golf Club has not only hosted numerous prestigious tournaments like the Utah Opens and State Amateurs but has also become a breeding ground for talent, with Provo's high schools clinching over 20 State Championships in golf.

I'm filled with pride when I think of how our golf club transformed itself in 1986, adapting to the city's growing needs, and then rejuvenating its legacy in 2020. This resilience and adaptability signify what our community stands for—looking ahead while cherishing our roots.

As your mayor, it fills me with immense pride to say that Timpanogos Golf Club is not just a place to play golf—it's an institution that epitomizes fiscal responsibility. It not only sustains itself but gives back in immeasurable ways, notably by offering free play and discounts to over 20,000 members of Provo’s Recreation Center.

I wholeheartedly believe in the words of Scott Henderson, our Parks and Recreation Director, who said, "We are mainstreaming golf from young to old." Here, everyone, regardless of age or skill level, will find their own unique golf story waiting to be written.

And what awaits us in the future? Come 2024, we will have the addition of The Horseshoe, a vast 18-hole natural grass putting green. Then there’s The Pasture, a gem that lights up the night, becoming Utah’s only illuminated golf course, ideal for those new to the game, family outings, or romantic date nights. Not to forget our magnificent Championship 18, a course that showcases both our history and the challenges of modern golf.

As we look to the future, I share the sentiment of many in being eager to witness how this course will evolve over the next decade, combining its rich heritage with innovative features.

In closing, I invite each of you to visit, to play, and to become a part of this continuing legacy. Here's to another century of excellence, community, and shared stories at the Timpanogos Golf Club.

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